9 Egg-Free Paleo Breakfast Recipes [#9 is amazing]

Why go egg free in breakfast?

Traditional American breakfast tends to contain an unhealthy ingredient: egg. The biggest risk factor come from an egg is about 186 mg of cholesterol that it contains, while a healthy person should not consumes more than 300 mg daily. If you are eating more than 6 eggs per week, your health is at high risk and that is the reason why you should looking for some other healthy ingredients. Like we said in the beginning, we eat eggs mostly in the morning, then go egg-free breakfast is the most efficient thing you can do to limit the cholesterol you take into the body. Check out our carefully chosen recipes below and we think having a list of favorite recipes stick into your refrigerator might be a great idea.

1. Paleo Chocolate Chunk Banana Bread by Bakerita

egg free paleo breakfast

Photo: Bakerita

Muffin can brings a lot of calories for your energetic morning. However you should add fruits to the muffin since simple muffin do not contain a lot of vitamins. This recipe by Bakerita is easy to make and will hit in your house every time you make it.

2. Paleo cereal by therealfoodguide

egg free paleo breakfast

Photo: therealfoodguide

This recipe is easy to modify to fit your personal flavor (and don’t forget to comment below if you find a more amazing cup of breakfast).

3. Chunky Monkey Breakfast Shake from Primally Inspired

egg free paleo breakfast

Primally Inspired

Fast and easy to make yet it contains a whole bunch of vitamins, minerals and fat from the coconut milk that you will love. Even more beautifully, you could prepare some in your fridge and blend them in as quick as 5 minutes.

4. Garlic Rosemary Plantain Crackers by Autoimmune Paleo

egg free paleo breakfast

Photo: Autoimmune Paleo

Grain-free crackers, yes. Just 5 ingredients and 1 hour of preparation and you are done. The crackers can be kept in several days without going soft, so our breakfast can possibly be well-prepared even before we wake up :).

5. Bacon Avocado Cups with Balsamic Glaze by Primallyinspired

egg free paleo breakfast

Photo: Primallyinspired

Avocado is the superstar of breakfast, it is almost been called many times as super food. No doubt it is easy to incorporate in the diet, the Bacon Avocado Cups also look very sexy to eat.

6. Banana and cream “oatmeal” by Agirlworthsaving

egg free paleo breakfast

Photo: Agirlworthsaving

Want to have oatmeal in breakfast? Try combine it with coconut butter and not just beautiful as the picture said, this meal is extremely easy to make, too.

7. Beef Breakfast Sausage (AIP-friendly) by Thepaleomom

egg free paleo breakfast

Photo: Thepaleomom

Good morning protein: get in higher energy level, more mental focus and less craving before heading out of the house. The fact is eating more

8. Avocado and Salmon Low Carb Breakfast by Thenourishedcaveman

egg free paleo breakfast

Photo: Thenourishedcaveman

Here we go avocado again. Every paleo eater would love salmon and this one is an brilliant mix.

Check out the last recipe…


9. No-Bake Paleo Muesli by Nourishandinspireme

egg free paleo breakfast

Photo: Nourishandinspireme

Arie-Elle made this recipe while being on a trip and this takes only 8 minutes to make. As simple as mixing things together and that’s “a paleo kind of morning”